Financial Planning to Suit Your Needs

I focus on a consultative relationship so your specific needs can be better addressed. To help you reach your goals, we work together to outline each of them in light of your current situation and identify the gaps and opportunities in your financial strategies. Based on this collaboration, I will outline options customized to your situation. 

I strive to develop lifelong relationships, working with you to adjust your financial strategies when life events, the economic environment, or legislative changes affect your situation. As a result, you can feel in control of your financial well-being and confident that you are doing all you can to prepare for your future.

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Solutions for Professionals

Many face contribution limits and exclusions on qualified plans, diminishing their ability to retire on a significant percentage of their final income. Your career choice has provided you with the opportunity for a retirement income plan that reaches far beyond the limitations and exclusions of qualified savings tools, along with other taxable accounts. Professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners are now able to access the CES Life Income Plan? (LIP?) that offers an alternative to help mitigate the gap between traditional qualified plans and necessary retirement fund assets. 

Through my partnership with CES, I provide custom-designed models and program details, including the easy enrollment process. Wherever your life takes you, your Life Income Plan? is working for you. Your plan information always just a click away.






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Solutions for Business Owners

  • Live More: Protect your business and your family now and throughout your life, while providing assurances that your business will continue on your terms.
  • Keep More: Help you and your employees pay less income taxes and serve as a robust asset on your business's balance sheet.
  • Build More: Offer more ways to invest in your business, provide benefits for your key employees and plan for your personal retirement. 

Whether you’re in the start-up phase or own an established, prosperous enterprise, your business is most likely an important part of your life and your family’s as well. That’s why, as your business grows and matures, you may need to think about what you can do to ensure that it continues to be successful and to help you and your family achieve a comfortable retirement.




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